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Forum - Share Your Story

What is our most powerful disabilities asset? Sharing what we know to help each other. Join in. Share your story! Include photos or a brief video of what you've been doing, if you like. Below are a few excerpts, or see all the stories in their complete form.

"Trajedy to Thrive" - Margarita Elizondo
"I can still recall the first time I heard God’s voice. June 22, 2006. It was the night I was shot in the neck. The bullet exited through my back, severing my spinal cord. When the man who shot me ran away, he crossed paths with my 13 year old daughter as he exited the hallway which leads to my room..."

"Colton's Story" - michael.darst
"On September 20, 2012 Our son, Colton, was born. During the procedure, we started to notice a change in the doctor and medical staff. They were no longer joking and we got the sense something was wrong...Doctor after doctor told us the same thing, Colton would never walk and never be able to use his arms..."

"Thriving with Epilepsy" - Sandi B
"I grew up with latent seizures but after graduating from college they went full blown. I am not fully controlled, even though I take 5 different kinds of seizure drugs at the total of 20 pills a day. I have a service dog that has saved my life more than once..."

"Becoming the world's first armless airplane pilot" - Jessica Cox
"My name is Jessica Cox and I was born without arms... When I was a child, the teachers at my school in Sierra Vista, Arizona used to prevent me from climbing up the slide. The only thing that they would let me do, was sit on the swing. I used to dream that I was Super Girl, and that I could fly..."
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by az44ahmed
2 years 7 months ago

Forum - Your Resources

What do you need? Discovered or offer something of value to our community? Take a look here! (We don’t sponsor or receive payment for the placement of offerings in this forum.) Below are a few excerpts, or see all the resources in their complete form.

"Ride-on exercise toy for kids with special needs" - Pumper Cars
"Pumper Cars are a popular new exercise device used by children’s hospitals, physical therapists and organizations serving families with children who have special needs..."

" Access to Air Travel" - Reduced Mobility Rights
"Reduced Mobility Rights is the leading advocate promoting access to air travel since 2011..."
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Last Post: Will la série
by Cross River Productions
6 years 3 weeks ago

Forum - Your Thoughts and Ours

Let’s improve our world! What are your thoughts? Below is an excerpt, or see all the posts in their complete form.

" Disability - Isn't it time for an attitude change?" - HandiNews International
"Yes, we want strong support for finding cures. But in focusing single-mindedly on cures, it seems we are losing sight of what it means to help one another.

We need the world to see us as people..."
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Last Post: Carers
by Tommy Dunne
6 years 2 months ago

Forum - Your Questions (New)

We can be a powerful mutual assistance league. Ask your questions. Answer the questions of others!
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