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TOPIC: Disabled Children need your help!

Disabled Children need your help! 7 years 7 months ago #86

Dear HandiNews readers!

The Lake Victoria Disability Centre needs your help! They have recruited the help from a number of unpaid volunteers from leading UK Television companies (producers from BBC, Channel 4, etc), to help make a film about the huge surge in the number of disabled children in Tanzania recently.

Children in Tanzania who are either born disabled, or contract a disabling condition, are cast to the outskirts of society. We hope, by showing the happiness and potential they have, against the odds, that we can change the attitudes of the Tanzanian people, and the wider world, through showing the film across film festivals internationally.

By recruiting these professionals to work for free, we can do this on an absolutely unbelievably cheap budget, but we still need help raising it. The link to our fundraiser is here:

With the donation rewards, you can be part of something great. And if you don't feel like you can help financially, we'd still love you to help us spread the word - get it out on Twitter, Facebook, or any means you have!

Huge thanks - Asante Sana!
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