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TOPIC: Carers

Carers 4 years 10 months ago #223

  • Tommy Dunne
  • Tommy Dunne's Avatar
I try to get it over to Carers that when you just start talking to us out the blue it comes as a bit of a shock at first and we miss the first part of the conversation, we than have to play catch up and then some of the words that you are saying go missing for example our ........... Today and she was..........also I saw mrs..........
You know her she's............................ What do you think?
So that's what a sentence can sound like to us that's why we look confused.

There have been times when I've wanted to say things but the words would not form or come up I could see the words in my head but I could not get them out.

One of the hardest things to get Carers not to do is finish sentences for us or say or tell others what we are trying to say, if people learnt to have a little more patience with People with dementia they would understand that we can communicate.

We are aware of what people are saying even if there is no response and it hurts to hear people talking about you as if you are not there. Even when we lose the ability to communicate we never loses the ability to understand.

I always say that when you get dementia you get a super power, the power to become invisible in a full room because when you tell people you have dementia, you disappear because people start to talk about you over you around you but Never to you

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