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accessible travelAir travel is probably one of the safest but most stressful ways to get from place to place. It is even more stressful for those who depend on others to get on and off their flight.

We have all heard horror stories of disabled passengers being rejected, neglected, unattended, or even forgotten. But the courts and some activist organizations are helping to fix these problems...


One airline that has been in the news several times over the past year is EasyJet. They were brought to court after refusing to let disabled passengers travel on their flights, saying that they posed a “safety threat”. JetBlue and Hartford’s Bradley International Airport were also under fire for being unable to assist a disabled passenger on a diverted flight that was stuck on the tarmac for over eight hours.

Despite these distressing stories, more is being done to help make air travel as easy as possible for people with disabilities. The American Transport Security Administration (TSA) has set up a hotline (1-855-787-227) for people with disabilities or medical conditions and their families, so that they can ask questions about the security process at airports.

Each airline is also required to have information for disabled passengers, so the passengers can ask for assistance.

Mobility International has put together tips for air travel on their website, to help the disabled make their travels go as smoothly as possible. also has helpful information on air travel.

For more information about what is the latest with EasyJet and JetBlue, and for assistance with air travel, here are the links;

BBC News: “Easyjet loses disability discrimination case in France”

France24: “French court fines EasyJet for disabled discrimination” 

CBS New York: “Disabled JetBlue Passenger Details Nightmare On Bradley Airport Tarmac” 

Mobility International Air Travel Tips for People with Disabilities 

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