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Two cancer studies published from Mount Sinai and Princess Margaret Cancer Center are leading scientist to see the light at the of the tunnel. Both research teams are confident that these findings will revolutionize how cancer is treated and lead them one step closer to a cure...

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto revealed that cancer cells actually communicate with surrounding normal cells not only to get food but also to know where to spread to. Cancer cells confuse the normal cells who then communicate information to the cancerous cells encouraging them to spread and metastasize. This means that normal cells surrounding tumors are helping cancer cells to spread.

These findings are in synch with research done by the Princess Margaret Cancer Center which found that cancer cells are able to go "dormant" and therefore go undetected. The cells are able to become dormant thanks to the communication with surrounding cells. These dormant cancer cells are able to avoid cancer drugs which makes eradicating cancer more difficult.

These findings will revolutionising how cancer treatment is developed. Now researchers will be able to find dormant cancer cells more easily and eventually use the cells around the tumors to help fight the cancer off.

There is still much research to be done but a cure for cancer is becoming more and more fathomable.


Science Daily

Mount Sinai

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