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in their shoes logoChildren born or who become disabled in Tanzania are treated as pariahs. They must fight against this stigma, as well as the disability itself.

"In Their Shoes" is helping professionals from TV companies, who will work as volunteers, to make a documentary to change that...

Click here for the crowdfunding website, Sponsume, which "In Their Shoes" is using to raise money to make the documentary. They explain how people with disabilities are mistreated, and how the documentary will help to change that. No money will be paid to the volunteers who work on the film.

"In Their Shoes" posted "Disabled Children need your help!" a month ago in our Forum, "Share Your Story." A week after they posted, they Tweeted us, "InTheirShoes 6 Sept @HandiNews thanks that's amazing. We got to £1000 today. Very pleased." And now through all their social media outlets they've reached £2300.

We urge all in our community who can, to contribute to this great cause! And if that is not possible, to help by forwarding this article to your Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts, to raise awareness of this project.

The organizers also made a Youtube which shows what these volunteers are going to do.

By the way, if you are interested in using crowdfunding for a documentary that you are considering, for a charity or other cause, here is the page in Sponsume which tells how to raise money for your documentary.

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