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  • Disabilities - Isn't It Time For an Attitude Change?

    Disabilities have been around since the beginning of time. They are not something new yet many are still uncomfortable with them.

    Between the media focusing on horrendous stories of false disability claims and propagating stories of skyrocketing numbers of people with disabilities, it seems we are continuing the trend of believing that disability means flawed.

    Yes, we want strong support for finding cures. But in focusing single-mindedly on cures, it seems we are losing sight of what it means to help one another.

    We need the world to see us as people. We should not single-mindedly obsess over eradicating disabilities at all cost. They are conditions that many children and adults are in, and which severely affect their (our) lives and the lives of others. That does not mean these conditions should first and foremost be erased, reset, smothered or ignored; they need to be understood.

    People who have any of these conditions are part of a larger group: the “disabled.” However, we are “disabled” not because we cannot accomplish our goals but because society has not been taught to understand us. Each of us is different. Our focus should not be on what is normal but on working towards inclusion for all.

    Not just the “disabled” but all of humanity!

    What do you think?

    Please share with our community what you think, in the comments below.


    Catherine Gogel, Publisher


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