The Disabilities Meeting Place to Share and Help Each Other

She could not see, hear or speak. Helen Keller might have led a life without hope and excluded from the world.

But as a small child, she used made-up gestures with her hands, to tell people what she was thinking. Her mother took up her cause, and asked the Perkins School for the Blind for help. They introduced her to Anne Sullivan, who had studied at Perkins. Sullivan taught her to speak, to read lips with her hands, to read Braille.

Helen Keller went on to be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Radcliffe. Supporters helped her financially, and she became a respected speaker, writer, spokesperson for many causes - an advocate for people with disabilities.

Her story illustrates:

---All people can live in dignity, and find satisfaction in their lives.

---We all need help from others at times. And we need to develop our abilities to our potential.

HandiNews International brings useful information about disabilities from around the world, and a meeting place to:

---Shine a light on the good and bad.

---Share what we've learned about resources, services and best practices to help each other.

---Give advocates and all of us the tools to bring about change.

---Share the stories of people who have improved their own lives - or the lives of others.

---Inspire us to our best efforts!


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