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Learn what others are doing in the world of disabilities.

Our most powerful disabilities asset is --- sharing what we know to help each other!

Join our newsletter now and you'll learn the obstacles people in our community have faced, the secrets they learned, the ways they figured out how to triumph, the help they need, the help they offer. And you can share your stories to help others.

Because - we all want to belong and include others.

Because - supporting each other, we are a powerful community.

4,000 Twitter followers and 11,000 Facebook fans of HandiNews International are a testimonial to the power of sharing our stories.


Athlete with disability, competing in triathlon. Credit: Steven Fruitsmaak

We share our stories:

---Obstacles we faced

---What we’ve done

---What we learned

---What we need

---What we offer

To help each other.

Our community shares our stories - a sample:

---Overcoming R word bullying

---Rebuilding life with chronic pain

---Quadruple amputee performing as a dancer

---Managing diabetes

---Taking fun holidays in a wheelchair

---Blind taking deep sea diving vacations

---Paraplegic driving new wheelchair accessible cars

---Building a network for people with invisible disabilities

---Raising funds for their baby born paralyzed

---Succeeding with ADHD

---Blind teen making movies

---Providing accessible housing solutions

---Surviving family tragedy, then helping paralyzed people

---Finding employment

---Publishing caregiver resources

---Working in an internship as an advocate

---Publishing special needs education resources

---CP serving in the navy

---Creating local Paralympics

---Raising funds to combat discrimination against children with disabilities in Africa

---Performing in gigs as a one armed guitarist

---Living with dyslexia

Did you know - 60 million Americans have disabilities, according to the US National Institutes of Health? And many families in the US have relatives and friends with disabilities, while "almost all of us will have a disability at some point in our lives."

One billion people have disabilities world-wide, according to the World Health Organization. Sharing information to act positively is becoming increasingly urgent.

In each of our newsletters, we'll send you a small sample of the stories our community is posting, and of some important news stories. You can then click to our website to see more.

You are reading this now because we believe you share the interests of our community.

If you're thinking, "Perhaps I will connect," please do. You can't lose. Don't miss any of our issues!

Learn what others are doing in the world of disabilities.


Our Community


Deaf children learning sign language. Credit: David Fulmer


Blind veteran with volunteer, training in military Paralympics. Credit: US Navy


Autistic child with service dog in hospital bed, 24 hour EEG. Credit: Zipster 969

Our Mission

-Share our stories
---Obstacles we faced
---What we've done
---What we learned
---What we need
---What we offer
-To help each other  
Our purpose
    Our story

Catherine Gogel, Publisher

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