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dragon-naturally-speakingThe computer is a crazy magic box full of millions of things we can look at, learn from, and even work with, but what if you don’t have the necessary tools to work with its wealth of possibilities?

Well that is when software saves the day. In this modern day and age people create all sorts of crazy things for the computer and one of these amazing inventions is called Dragon Naturally Speaking... 

When we think of disabilities one of the first words we think of is: accessibility. We can look around and see the implementation of accessibility in many different places, such as easy to get into stalls in public restrooms, ramps in front of buildings, or the indentations in the sidewalks. These are all things that we do not really have control over; society puts them in for those of us who need it. When it comes to computers, however, these aids are not as obvious, but they are there!

If you have trouble getting your thoughts in to print when typing, if you have difficulty with spelling, or if you are not able to easily access a keyboard, then Dragon Naturally Speaking is your new best friend. How does it work? Well you install it and then you speak to it. Yes it is truly that simple. If you make an error then you tell it to correct it. If you want a new paragraph, indentation, punctuation, all you have to do is tell it! It literally does the typing for you.

So now that you know that you may have a magic Dragon on your side you are wondering about your computer… Well whether it’s a Mac or a PC, Dragon Naturally Speaking is compatible. All it needs is a microphone and your voice. Another advantage? Dragon works with everything, anytime you need to type something, you can use it! Word, Excel, messenger even online with FaceBook or Twitter, as long as there is a place where typing is required, Dragon Naturally Speaking can do it!

This software makes access to the computer an easier task for anyone, and from personal experience I would really recommend it. If the keyboard was holding you back you can now officially jump that hurdle and add typing to one of your many abilities. This software is excellent for personal use, but in my opinion I think it will be unlocking jobs some people never would have fathomed applying for, due to their “inability” to type.

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