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in their shoes logoChildren born or who become disabled in Tanzania are treated as pariahs. They must fight against this stigma, as well as the disability itself.

"In Their Shoes" is helping professionals from TV companies, who will work as volunteers, to make a documentary to change that...

Colton-photo In his first few hours of life, Colton had 2 full body x-rays, 8 separate ultrasounds and 2 full body MRI's. He was born with no use of his arms, little use of his legs, and other disabilities requiring surgery. A machine nicknamed  "magic arms" may help him, and his parents are trying to raise money to buy it...  

“More people are dialling 999 when they suspect a stroke following a campaign to highlight key symptoms, the Government has said.

The Act FAST stroke campaign is intended to show how emergency treatment can reduce the risk of death and disability from stroke, which affects around 150,000 people in the UK every year.”

The Press Association (UK)

Our Mission

-Share our stories
---Obstacles we faced
---What we've done
---What we learned
---What we need
---What we offer
-To help each other  
Our purpose
    Our story

Catherine Gogel, Publisher

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