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"When you walk into the produce section of a supermarket, you see yellow bananas, red peppers, green spinach. For Neil Harbisson, though, it’s all shades of gray."

Color-blind artist Harbisson now hears colors thanks to webcam technology. With the help of a high-tech headset, he can “hear” color.

Public Radio International

Christian Alvarado, who is blind, explains why he runs in the Marathon. He has read six books about President Franklin Roosevelt, who had polio.

"He saved the country," Alvarado says. "He helped get us out of a depression. And back then, a lot of people believed having a disability was really an obstacle.

"He didn't let a disability stop him."

See the video that shows how Alvarado competes.

Los Angeles Times


The government will use the National Broadband Network to make medical services more accessible to children, especially those with hearing and vision problems, in areas distant from the therapy they need.

Computer World - NBN to Deliver Disability Support Services to Regional Australia

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